A Longmont EMT’s Haitian Experience

Snapshot 1 (7-5-2015 12-34 PM)

Katie, an EMT in Longmont Colorado, has a huge heart and an impressive work ethic. Her unerring energy and compassion for others lead her on a volunteer trip to Haiti, where she worked with the Northern Arizona Medical Corp at Bernard Mevs, the number one critical care hospital in Port au Prince. Her experience with the Haitian people was, in her own words:

“A roller coaster of emotions. I learned to diagnose with less than half the tools that I needed, and I saw how little people could be happy with.”

Katie’s former coworker Dr. Bull Durham, an Arizona surgeon, has been organizing NAVMC trips since the earthquake and cholera outbreak in Haiti in 2010. In June Katie, along with two other EMTs and a surgical tech, transported several 50 lb bags of medical equipment gathered and sourced from Flagstaff Medical Center and Denver’s ambulance stock. They were stunned to learn that there are no CNAs at Bernard Mevs; instead, family members take care of the patients, supplying sheets, bathing, and emptying Foleys for their loved ones.

Photographs documenting Katie’s trip were few and far between since the Haitian culture does not take kindly to photographs after how they were paraded post-earthquake. Katie and her team were happy to support the Haitian people in such a meaningful way and are grateful for the experience and their time in the culture-rich Caribbean country.

Swan Mountain Women’s Center was happy to play a small role in supporting Katie’s trip. We’re sure she’ll go on to do more great things!