A Longmont EMT’s Haitian Experience

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Katie, an EMT in Longmont Colorado, has a huge heart and an impressive work ethic. Her unerring energy and compassion for others lead her on a volunteer trip to Haiti, where she worked with the Northern Arizona Medical Corp at Bernard Mevs, the number one critical care hospital in Port au Prince. Her experience with the Haitian people was, in her own words:

“A roller coaster of emotions. I learned to diagnose with less than half the tools that I needed, and I saw how little people could be happy with.”

Katie’s former coworker Dr. Bull Durham, an Arizona surgeon, has been organizing NAVMC trips since the earthquake and cholera outbreak in Haiti in 2010. In June Katie, along with two other EMTs and a surgical tech, transported several 50 lb bags of medical equipment gathered and sourced from Flagstaff Medical Center and Denver’s ambulance stock. They were stunned to learn that there are no CNAs at Bernard Mevs; instead, family members take care of the patients, supplying sheets, bathing, and emptying Foleys for their loved ones.

Photographs documenting Katie’s trip were few and far between since the Haitian culture does not take kindly to photographs after how they were paraded post-earthquake. Katie and her team were happy to support the Haitian people in such a meaningful way and are grateful for the experience and their time in the culture-rich Caribbean country.

Swan Mountain Women’s Center was happy to play a small role in supporting Katie’s trip. We’re sure she’ll go on to do more great things!

Nepal Relief Earthquake Fund

The devastating April 25th earthquake in Nepal, responsible for 8,617 deaths and counting, has weighed heavily on all of our hearts; however for Dr. Andrew Catron, this tragic event struck a very personal chord. Through St. Anthony Summit Medical Center’s Global Health Initiatives program, Dr. Catron has been on multiple mission trips to Nepal and helped many women achieve a higher standard of living by providing much-needed gynecological surgical services at St. Anthony’s sister hospital in Nepal, Scheer Memorial Hospital. You can read about this safe haven for the Nepalese here: http://scheermemorialhospital.blogspot.com. The April 25h earthquake and subsequent aftershocks have rocked this beautiful, peaceful nation, and many Nepalese are still in dire need of medical attention. Swan Mountain Women’s Center was happy to donate to the cause, and you can do so too by following this link to the Centura’s Nepal Relief Earthquake Fund: https://www.centuraglobalhealth.org/cgh/support-us/nepal-earthquake-relief-fund/.

Dr. Catron and a colleague performing surgery at Scheer Memorial in Banepa, Nepal.
Dr. Catron and a colleague performing surgery at Scheer Memorial in Banepa, Nepal.

Free Surgery Day

IMG_4058Dr. Catron of Swan Mountain Women’s Center was pleased to be a participating surgeon in the fourth annual Free Surgery Day held at the Peak One Surgery Center in Frisco on Saturday, October 11th.  There were thirteen volunteer surgeons and fifty support staff who operated on fourteen patients (Dr. Catron operated on two patients) who would not otherwise be able to have surgery for chronic conditions.  “It was a wonderful day to come together with others in our community to support our friends and neighbors who could not otherwise have needed surgery for chronic life-affecting conditions” said Dr. Catron.  Swan Mountain Women’s Center was also proud that their nurse Colleen Merrick participated and assisted with Spanish translation.  Working with the Summit Community Care Clinic to care for the under served in our community is part of our mission at Swan Mountain Women’s Center.

Summit Classico Golf Tournament

2014-09-21 07.51.45We at Swan Mountain Women’s Center, PC are happy to support our local athletic 2014-09-21 10.48.32teams. On September 21st, we sponsored a hole and a foursome in the First Annual Summit Classico Golf Tournament at Keystone Ranch, which benefitted the Summit High School Boys and Girls Soccer and Lacrosse teams. There was a great turnout for a first year event and the student athletes were there assisting with the event as well. While the team from Swan Mountain didn’t win the event, a good time was had by all and a lot of money was raised for the high school teams.

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Exercise During Pregnancy: What’s OK?

Beautiful pregnant woman relaxing in the parkExercise During Pregnancy: What’s OK?

Daily exercise is recommended for all pregnant women unless you are told otherwise by your physician.

  • 30 minutes of moderate exercise (like a walk) is recommended nearly every day
  • You can exercise as vigorously as you did before you were pregnant
  • Stop exercising if you start having regular contractions

Avoid activities that put you at risk for trauma to the belly (after 12 weeks). This includes downhill skiing.

Della Crone at Avalanche Physical Therapy offers prenatal and postnatal exercise classes. The first class is free, and then it’s $24.00 for four classes. Della can be reached at 970-668-6980.


  • Prenatal Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm
  • Post-delivery Thursday 4:30-5:30pm

Trinity Wellness Studio in Frisco offers a Prenatal Yoga Class every Wednesday from 5:30-7pm ($15.00 per class/$100.00 for 10 classes).


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