Exercise During Pregnancy: What’s OK?

Beautiful pregnant woman relaxing in the parkExercise During Pregnancy: What’s OK?

Daily exercise is recommended for all pregnant women unless you are told otherwise by your physician.

  • 30 minutes of moderate exercise (like a walk) is recommended nearly every day
  • You can exercise as vigorously as you did before you were pregnant
  • Stop exercising if you start having regular contractions

Avoid activities that put you at risk for trauma to the belly (after 12 weeks). This includes downhill skiing.

Della Crone at Avalanche Physical Therapy offers prenatal and postnatal exercise classes. The first class is free, and then it’s $24.00 for four classes. Della can be reached at 970-668-6980.


  • Prenatal Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm
  • Post-delivery Thursday 4:30-5:30pm

Trinity Wellness Studio in Frisco offers a Prenatal Yoga Class every Wednesday from 5:30-7pm ($15.00 per class/$100.00 for 10 classes).


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